Located on the northern coastline of the Ionian Sea, Villa Alkyoni is a true gem in Corfu, celebrated for its exceptional beauty and historical significance. This architectural masterpiece provided the perfect setting for Alison and Charlie's enchanting wedding celebration.

Its vibrant colors and meticulously designed gardens offer a feast for the eyes. The five impressive villas each come with spacious pools and boast distinct themes.

During the cocktail hour, an English soul-jazz band brought a lively atmosphere, seamlessly transitioning into a contemporary symphony that captivated the guests with their musical performance.

A moment of enchantment occurred when a saxophonist and the DJ joined forces to play music, elevating the spirits and ensuring a night that seemed to stretch on forever.

It was one of the best parties I've experienced while photographing weddings!

Lorraine, from Corfu Wedding Planner, is one of the best wedding planners I have worked with and made the day roll perfectly. This is the common desire of every wedding photographer – a couple who relishes their wedding and a collaborative wedding planner!

view from cavo alkyoni estate at corfu greece
cavo alkyoni estate for luxury villa wedding at corfu greece
cavo alkyoni estate for luxury villa wedding at corfu greece
cavo alkyoni italin style road
cavo alkyoni luxury villa for wedding at corfu greece
welcome board from a wedding at cavo alkyoni corfu
portrait of groom at corfu cavo alkyoni
groom walking before his wedding
groom portrait at cavo alkyoni estate corfu greece
groomens portrait

Destination Wedding Location: Corfu, Greece

Nestled on Greece's northwest coast, Corfu has an abundance of greenery that makes it a popular choice for Greek weddings. Its varied landscape, which includes sand beaches, lush forests, and towering mountains, provides a mesmerizing background for couples looking for an unforgettable wedding. Additionally, Corfu's remarkable historic town architecture reflects the island's rich cultural legacy, which was shaped by its Venetian colonial past.

Corfu is a popular destination for weddings because of its unrivaled natural beauty and charming Venetian atmosphere, which make it the perfect place to make enduring memories.

Find the Best Locations for Weddings in Corfu

With so many different wedding venues available in Corfu, you can have the wedding of your dreams. You can be sure that your wedding vows will be exchanged in front of breathtaking landscapes, regardless of your preference for a beachfront, mountain, or bohemian-themed event surrounded by lush greenery. Discover a carefully chosen range of the top Corfu wedding locations, where you can savor delectable food and take in the breathtaking views of this alluring island that is sure to please the senses.

Selecting the Ideal Corfu Wedding Photographer:

Wedding photography is an art form that tells the tale of your special day while attempting to elicit every feeling felt. My objective as your Corfu wedding photographer is to capture genuine feelings and the alluring surroundings so that your wedding album serves as a timeless memento that takes you back to the start of your happily ever after.

Furthermore, as a seasoned Corfu wedding photographer, I can recommend beautiful spots for pre- or post-wedding sessions on the island. I work with your wedding planner to create a timeline on the actual wedding day that enables the creative capture of chemistry, feelings, and captivating scenery in the pictures.