Located on the northern coastline of the Ionian Sea, Villa Alkyoni is a true gem in Corfu, celebrated for its exceptional beauty and historical significance. This architectural masterpiece provided the perfect setting for Alison and Charlie's enchanting wedding celebration.
Its vibrant colors and meticulously designed gardens offer a feast for the eyes. The five impressive villas each come with spacious pools and boast distinct themes.
During the cocktail hour, an English soul-jazz band brought a lively atmosphere, seamlessly transitioning into a contemporary symphony that captivated the guests with their musical performance.
A moment of enchantment occurred when a saxophonist and the DJ joined forces to play music, elevating the spirits and ensuring a night that seemed to stretch on forever.

It was one of the best parties I've experienced while photographing weddings!

Lorraine, from Corfu Wedding Planner, is one of the best wedding planners I have worked with and made the day roll perfectly. This is the common desire of every wedding photographer – a couple who relishes their wedding and a collaborative wedding planner!