Under the azure sky of Corfu, love wrote its timeless tale at the Ypapanti Church, where vows were exchanged, and promises sealed in the embrace of history. The sacred walls echoed with joy as Alison & Erik embarked on their journey of a lifetime, with the iconic Ypapanti Church as the silent witness to their sacrament of love.

The celebration continued at the prestigious Sailing Club of Corfu, where the glittering waters mirrored the happiness that filled the hearts of all in attendance. The venue, with its nautical charm and views, became the perfect canvas for the festivities that unfolded.

Guests were welcomed by the gentle sea breeze, serenading them as they savored delectable Mediterranean delights. The clinking of glasses resonated with laughter, and the dance floor became a stage for moments of pure bliss. The Naval Club, steeped in maritime elegance, transformed into a haven of joy, where the newlyweds and their loved ones reveled in the celebration of love.

As night fell, the party came alive with the beats of a talented DJ, spinning tunes that echoed through the harbor. The dance floor became a stage for moments of pure bliss, and under the star-studded sky, Alison & Erik shared their first dance surrounded by the twinkling lights of the harbor.
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