Hendre and Dimitris traveled from afar to have their destination wedding on their favorite Greek island! The beautiful Hydra hosted the celebration of their love with the bride walking in the all-white picturesque streets of this wonderful island to meet her lover. Their religious wedding took place with great joy, surrounded by close friends and relatives and holding hands they welcomed their guests to an outdoor wedding reception with the most romantic atmosphere. The natural beauty of the landscape, the low lighting of the string lights and the wonderful flowers were so enchanting for all the guests who enjoyed the wonderful wedding!

Experience the beauty of a Greek wedding, surrounded by stunning landscapes and breathtaking blooms. Our post takes you on a journey through the enchanting island of Hydra, showcasing some of the most incredible flower arrangements and floral decor from a real-life Greek wedding. Read on to discover how you can incorporate some of these incredible floral ideas into your own Greek wedding on Hydra island, and make your celebration truly unforgettable

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