Efi and John had a beautiful bohemian wedding that will amaze you! They live in Athens but they married on a summer day in August in Velvento Kozani, a village on the slopes of mountains, full of plane trees and overlooking Lake Polyfytos. The wedding took place at St. Antonio’s church and the reception at Vineyard Kamkoutis.They chose a stone-built chapel for their wedding ceremony, which was surrounded by the natural beauty of the landscape. The scenery became even more dreamy with the unique decoration undertaken by Georgia Apostolidou, wedding planner & designer of PomPon Story. A wooden candy table was set up in the courtyard of the church which was perfectly decorated with rich floral arrangements, lanterns, wicker baskets, macramé and local sweets.

After the ceremony, relatives and friends celebrated with the couple at the Kamkouti Winery under the starlight. Get lost in the beauty unfolding in the photos below and be inspired by your own unforgettable day!

wedding stationary
brides wedding shoes stationery
groom wedding shoes
grooms preperation kozani
groom wedding portraits kozani